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        If you have chosen beautiful Mallorca for your wedding I would love to be your wedding photographer. Maybe you’re planning to scale the highest peak for a breathtaking, cliffside elopement. Or a cozy, intimate ceremony with a reception filled with only your closest loved ones gathered around. Maybe you will have a big party with your friends and family. Let me capture your big day!

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        Bloggpost in Swedish from Mallorca.

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        About Me

        My name is Marianne Lindgren. I live in a small mountainvillage in Swedish Lapland. I have been a freelance photographer for about 15 years and my passion is to capture wedding couples in nature sceneries. Both the mountains and lakes around Tärnaby and the mountains and sea views on Mallorca offers the magical settings that gives a perfect backdrop for photos to keep close to your hart.

        I have spent a lot of time on Mallorca and know a lot of beautiful places in Palma, the mountains and on the countryside were the photos can be taken.